Revolutionizing the Global Food Industry for

Revolutionizing agriculture through federated learning and AI. Empowering farmers, ensuring supply chain transparency for conscious consumers, and advancing regenerative practices to combat climate change and drive sustainable development.



Saphi is a purpose-driven company committed to transforming the $8.7 trillion global food industry.

Our innovative platform harnesses the power of blockchain, AI, and IoT to create a vertically integrated, traceable, and carbon-neutral food supply chain. We believe in the potential of technology to drive positive change and create a more sustainable, equitable, and resilient future for all.


Harnessing nature's wisdom through AI

We combine traditional knowledge and cutting-edge technology to foster thriving ecosystems and resilient farms at scale

Our platform enables


Maximize farm value through regenerative agriculture

Increase your farm's resilience and profitability by implementing regenerative practices that sequester carbon, enhance biodiversity, and produce traceable, healthy food.


Mobilize green finance for regenerative agriculture transition

Leverage critical data and insights to catalyze impact investments in carbon sequestration and sustainable farming practices, accelerating the regenerative agriculture revolution.


Empower sustainable development through regenerative agriculture

Leverage AI-driven insights to combat climate change, enhance food security, and improve the well-being of farming communities, fostering a more resilient and equitable future for all.


Enhance land value through regeneration

Boost your land's worth by adopting sustainable practices that improve soil health, biodiversity, and carbon sequestration.


Ensure transparent and ethical farm-to-fork journeys

Provide conscious consumers with traceable, healthier, and more nutritious food options by harnessing the power of regenerative practices and AI-driven supply chain transparency.

Research & Innovation

Advance agriculture 4.0 through federated learning

Foster global collaboration in regenerative farming research, driving pesticide-free solutions, optimizing yields, and preserving data privacy to revolutionize decision-making and mitigate economic losses.

Pioneering the Future of Agriculture
Pioneering the Future of Agriculture
Pioneering the Future of Agriculture
Pioneering the Future of Agriculture



in Peru, Brazil and USA under trials with various microbial solutions


Partners exporting to over 170 countries


Collaboration with LATAM farming Associations & Renowned Research Institutes




Under trials in 15 Climate Zones

Saphi's climate management acceleration program work in partnership with large scale farming operation to become a carbon-neutral, traceable, climate-resilient, AI-powered smart farm.

By providing access to cutting-edge technologies, educational resources, and market opportunities, we help farmers improve their livelihoods while stewarding the land for future generations.


Saphi is led by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs, industry experts, and technology pioneers who share a passion for creating a better world.

With a proven track record of building successful ventures and delivering results, our leadership team is uniquely qualified to execute on our bold vision. We are also supported by a world-class advisory board, including top scientists, policy makers, and thought leaders in the fields of agriculture, sustainability, and social impact.

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